New to crypto, start with a wallet.

I started to know about cryptocurrency 2 years back in 2017. Well at that time all I heard was bitcoin. It was damnn costly even at that time so I never gave a thought to it.

Race ahead to late 2020 and I sure regret not investing even a small amount in it like even a 1000 rupee at that time. It would have multiplied like 3 to 4 times. Which bank can give you that return 300% to 400% return.

But I never gave it a thought in 2017 or felt like “bleh” it’s a costly affair altogether. I remember playing some games for hours and earning a very veryyy small piece of ethereum. I did it as a joke.

Jokes on me, I just opened my coinbase wallet and what I saw was minor miracle. I had earned something like 1.xx rupee through some games and now the value of that is 18.xx rupee. Funny right. Funny but do you know what that means, it grew 18 times (1800%).

Okay so what should you do now.

There are many many cryptocurrencies in circulation out there, start reading about those for a month. Do not go ahead and invest straight away, rather read all analysis made by many people, do not trust them, just study. Maybe a month later start investing.

But where should I really invest?

Well frankly it depends on oneself. But the tip off would be, go for the sure shot ones like bitcoin, ethereum, etc and then diversify investment across multiple blooming cryptocurrencies.

Join coinbase with me, when you join you get $10 worth of bitcoins for free after KYC —

PS: Another tip, always look for market capital and currently circulating value, make sure the currency has enough breathing space to expand and grow. Start investing smart. Take some risks. Its worth it.

I’ll be your internet friend. You can talk to me, I can listen to you all day.